Lead Generation Marketing

Auto Dealerships Directory offers a variety of products and advertising campaigns for Dealerships nationwide, starting with our directory listing ‐ sort by dealer brands, Dealer location by State, City or town, and a Map Search, We also offer digital enhanced programs including google ad words and products, social media placements, Search engine optimization, writing Search engine copy, splash pages designs and implementation, Virtual email-blast, Virtual Dealerships, newsletters and responsive web designs, Mobil and text marketing, web analytics, Voice recognition and data capture, and CRM Lead generation with the real-time tracking and lead capture software programs. Our Printed campaigns comprise of Conquest, Saturation Mailers, Post Cards, Buy back pieces, Invites, Acceptance letters, Specific Target mailers, Newspaper ads, Local Media buy and free standing inserts. Additionally, we do Radio Spots, Voiceovers, Pre-roll videos. Our in-house staff of English majors also offers copy editing and proof reading for Dealerships.

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  • Auto Dealerships Directory Products Line-up

Directory Leads Pipeline Includes:

  • Brand Listings by Logos
  • State and National Listing with your Geographic location
  • Map and Zip Listing
  • Dealership Profile Page, Including picture of Dealership, Principal and GM
  • One paragraph content describing your Store.
  • Star Rating content by Copy Writers of Auto Dealership Directory
  • Social Integrations ‐ Facebook, Twitter and Google plus
  • Contact form ‐ Book Test Drive, Service or Appointment with a Sales personnel
  • Leads Forwarded into the Dealership CRM
  • Placement in the Auto Deals section
  • Subscription into our Monthly Newsletters
  • Email Marketing Generating Leads
  • Job Posting on the Job Board

Online Lead Products Includes :

  • Virtual e-NewsLetter
  • Ad words placement ‐ will need a set Budget
  • Social ads, Placements and Media Buy
  • Pre Roll and Point Roll Videos with Voice Actor or Actress
  • Lead Capture Online

Virtual Dealerships : Auto Deals

  • Create a Store
  • Run Inventory
  • Buy or Sell New or Used Cars
  • Generate Leads

Staffed Events Includes:

Includes a Fix Budget 35k or 45k up front or no out of Pocket options for Dealerships, nationally. This advertising campaign is to be implemented with Saturation Mailers, Online lead Capture and Real Time Tracking Software ‐ the Mail piece will need to get approval by local, State, DMV depending on the dealership location. The online components include an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) number and software for Tracking Calls. A dealership CRM for real time tracking and analytics. Auto Dealerships Directory Sales Staff includes some of the Industry Best Professional this comprise of Sales Personnel ‐ including a Team Leader, Manager, F & I, and 8 or 5 additional Sales Staff, Depending on the Duration of the Event and Size of the dealership. Auto Dealership Directory usually work of a 20% commission structure after the advertising Budget is paid back and the sales staff is paid separately. On average These Type of Event normally produce 60 ‐ 75 cars sold on a 10 ‐ 12 days event. We also work with Dealerships Owners Very Privately and Confidential when Implementing these type of events.

  • Pre-Roll Video: Kia Forte
  • Point Rolls
  • Video Commercials

Mailers Includes :

  • Variable Data Pieces ‐ Specifically Targeted to Customers based on Credit Score
  • Buy Back Pieces ‐ Data no Less than 2 years old
  • Saturation Pieces ‐ Best for Inventory Liquidation
  • Acceptance Letters ‐ Information Capture and Approval through Sub-Prime Lender
  • Seasonal, Event or Brand Promotional pieces
  • Coop Approval Pieces ‐ By Brand
  • Compliance Process ‐ with State, Town or City of Choice
  • Demographic Analysis ‐ Average House Hold Income(HHI)

Radio Spots ‐ Commercial :

  • Prompt, written by our in house Staff
  • Done In Studio - best Voice actors within the Industry
  • Dealership to determine the station of Choice

Dealerships Jobs Board Includes :

With some of the most comprehensive job searches within the industry. Auto Dealerships Directory offers a wide range of up to date and current position openings at dealerships throughout the country. Job searchers has a perfect opportunity to find the perfect job at the right location.

Printed Media Includes :

  • Newspaper ‐ Ads
  • Newspaper ‐ Inserts
  • Local Media Placements
  • In store ads, In malls ads
  • Newspaper ‐ Post it Notes