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Based upon our team of Automotive Sales Professionals Auto Dealerships Directory have intercepted the ability to offer Staffed Events programs to Dealerships Nationwide, our rolodex and silhouette of Team Leaders are licenses and Trained to operate and sell within different markets, whether it is a Big City or Small town, Small, Medium or Large Dealership Auto Dealerships Directory have the ability, Staff and Marketing tools to satisfy your dealership needs.

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Staffed Events

Here at Auto Dealerships Directory we believe in choices, options and preferences, and here are some of the advantages we offer, when using us, with little under 20 events for the past two years we have generated over 3.6 million dollars in profit-margin for dealerships within the state of Texas and national-markets, our digital and marketing specialist have strategize and implemented advertising campaigns with some of the best call to action and acquisition ratio, We use the consultative approach when initializing these programs for dealers by listing to what you are trying to accomplish.

Auto Dealerships Directory Staffed Events

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Staffed Events Structure:

Auto Dealerships Directory Staffed Events are designed to generate an incremental monthly revenue stream for Dealerships nationally. These structured events enables dealerships the ability to enhance their gross profits on per unit sale by utilizing an experience approach and formula which guarantee a profit margin on the back and front end of each unit sold during the sale cycle. These events usually last for 5 days or 14 days and it would depend on the amount of inventory at hand or the dealerships objective for the sale.

Staffed Event Expectations:

Our current dealer partners are experiencing a steady increase of annual revenue growth, ranging from 50% to 75% annually. Auto Dealerships Directory average sale consist of 60 units per event with gross profit margin of $240,000. The team of Strategist, have implemented a proven method of marketing and promotional materials that creates and increase the necessary traffic, buzz and momentum which eventually gives the dealership an edge over a competitive marketplace.

Staffed Event Advantages:

Auto Dealerships Directory, national team of experienced professionals, dedicated personnel and analytical thinkers work very smart to make sure each event is a success. Not only for themselves but the dealerships. They also have the ability of training Dealerships managers, sales personnel and self-starters, using the same methodology during the event.